February 15, 2012

Kuta Lombok

Kuta Lombok, view from Ashtari restaurant
Bersahara organization is based in Kuta, Southern Lombok. Kuta is a beautiful land populated mainly by Sasak people who started settling here in the early 50's, mainly to fish and crop some land. The area is popular for its pristine white sand beaches, green hills and world class waves. As the area was discovered by surfers for tourism, it has slowly developed into a quiet small surfer town where locals strive to get used to external influences while preserving their local culture.

Kuta Lombok, Mandalika roundabout
As more and more people discover this land and after the International Airport opened in October 2011, there is a tourism boom expected which will impact the locals and their way of life. While many foreigners want to be part of the development of this yet unexplored wild land, Bersahara wants to make sure that local people, mainly women, are provided with the necessary opportunities  to be part of the development process and take advantage of it, being capable of accessing quality jobs or starting their own businesses, so they too can profit from the income generated by tourism. 

Tanjung An Beach

Additionally, Bersahara wants to contribute to the development of an environmentally friendly tourism development and to make sure that local people's basic needs are not unattended in the process of foreign investment, and local culture is respected and maintained.

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  1. we would like to make relationship with you to build non formal educations and skill for poor people.


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